Rebecca Voore, owner/food developer

Think Outside the Chip!

It was a reluctant Rebecca Voore, food developer, who first took her non-tomato sauce based vinaigrette salsa to a local farmer’s market. However, as her salsa took off and she developed two other heat levels of flavors, she acknowledged to herself that she intended to go for the gold and create the best salsa on the market.

“It was input from my multi-cultured customers who inspired me to continue reconfiguring my products,” Voore said. “There’s no oil in my salsas and they need to be kept in the refrigerator. A quarter cup of my salsa is like one serving of vegetables per day.”

Enthusiastic feedback from her fans told her the salsa is used as everything from salad dressing, a topping for fish, and even for bruschetta.

“My salsa is non-GMO, low sugar, low salt, no preservatives, and all natural, which makes it vegan friendly,” she said.

Salsa Vinagreta will be available locally in 2019. Check out

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